Every life deserves excellent medical care, which is the cornerstone of Wigmore Clinic's values. The goal of our clinic is to become a milestone in the field of healthcare services in Armenia. Our core values help us to achieve the following:

Professionalism: In the hospital all conditions are created to ensure maximum comfort of patients and high quality of treatment. The experienced specialists of the field work with great dedication, ensuring the comfort and considerate care of visitors. Thanks to the innovative approaches, we improve the quality of life of our visitors by cooperating with the world's largest scientific and educational centers.

Cooperation, teamwork: The greatest key to success of Wigmore Clinic is the teamwork, as well as the connections with specialists from the best hospitals of Europe, USA, who continuously support the education of our medical staff, as well as the supervision of complex cases.

Dedication to our work: Wigmore Clinic is a dynamic and expanding medical center that the core of the staff’s activity is the evidence-based medicine. The clinic's goal is to build a culture of effective teamwork and quality, providing safe and unique care in all departments.

We are proud of what we have created and will continue to move forward in developing the healthcare sector in our country by providing people with dignified medical care.

Director: Zaven Koloyan