Wigmore Women’s & Children’s Hospital

About us

Each person deserves excellent care. That is the cornerstone value of the Wigmore Clinic. Our organization has this vision as our standard and want it to be a “benchmark for healthcare in Armenia”.

Three core values guide us towards our vision:

Professionalism: Our facilities are designed to provide maximum comfort and the highest standards in care. Our experienced and skilled personnel treat people with care and respect, building trust and creating lasting relationships in an honest and transparent manner. by collaborating with the world's largest scientific and educational centers and implementing innovative approaches, we constantly improve the quality of life for our patients.

Partnership, Тeam work: An advantage of the Wigmore Clinic is the co-ordinated care with teams of experts, who work to achieve the best results. To drive healthcare forward, we are open to collaboration. To affect real change in the long-term, we build sustainable partnerships with healthcare professionals around the world. Wigmore’s main strength is its network of institutions and medical specialists from Europe and the US who support the clinic with continuous training and education, helping us manage extremely complex cases.

Dedication to our work: Wigmore is a dynamic and rapidly growing health care institution. We are committed to evidence-based clinical practice. We have a mission to build a culture of effective teamwork that ensures safe and patient-focused care across all our specialties and departments.

We are proud of our achievements so far, and have a passion to continually advance. We know there are more lives that can be impacted by our team’s continued dedication to safety and efficacy, delivering care to our patients.

CEO: Zaven Koloyan